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This file contains all the steps and information that was recorded to help you describe the problem to others.

Before sharing this file, you should verify the following:

  • The steps below accurately describe the problem.
  • There is no information below or on any screenshots that you do not want others to see.

Passwords or any other text you typed were not recorded, except for function and shortcut keys that you used.

You can do the following:



Problem Steps



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Problem Step 1: (14/06/2012 22:12:11) User left clicked




Problem Step 2: (14/06/2012 22:12:12) User left click on “Computer (menu item)” in “Start menu”




Problem Step 3: (14/06/2012 22:12:13) User left click on “Documents (outline item)” in “Computer”





Problem Step 4: (14/06/2012 22:12:13) User left click on “Pictures (outline item)” in “Documents”




Problem Step 5: (14/06/2012 22:12:15) User left click on “Network (outline item)” in “Pictures”




Problem Step 6: (14/06/2012 22:12:15) User left click on “Computer (outline item)” in “Pictures”



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Problem Step 7: (14/06/2012 22:12:16) User left double click on “Space used (editable text)” in “Computer”


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Additional Details


The following section contains the additional details that were recorded that can help find a solution for your problem.

These details help accurately identify the programs and UI you used while recording the problem steps.

This section may contain text that is internal to programs that only very advanced users or programmers may understand.

Please review these details to ensure that they do not contain any information that you would not like others to see.


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Sequencializando Office 2010 no App-v

As versões x86 e x64 podem ser sequenciadas.  Entretanto,, somente a versão x86 do Office 2010 oferece suporte ao Feature Proxies que permitirá que você aproveite ao máximo os recursos de integração do Office, incluindo a integração com o SharePoint.  O Feature Proxies não tem suporte nas versões x64 do Office 2010.  Além disso, um aplicativo sequenciado em um SO x86 geralmente funcionará em um SO x64, mas um aplicativo sequenciado em um SO x64 nunca funcionará em um SO x86.

Considerando os fatos acima, Recomendamos Fortemente o sequenciamento de uma versão x86 em uma máquina de sequenciamento x86 para permitir o uso total de todos os recursos do Office e para obter uma sequência que funcionará no SO x86 e X64.

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